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Development of transport media to innovate sampling sets and facilitate testing for the presence of virus in the sample

Identification code: FX02030017

Project solution period: 2020-2023

This project is implemented for financial

support from the state budget

through the Ministry of Industry and Trade
under the Country for Future program

One of the critical factors influencing COVID-19 research is, in particular, the correct collection of clinical material and its storage in a transport medium that meets WHO criteria. Above all, the right transport medium is crucial and significantly affects the quality of the clinical sample and the result of its analysis. The aim of the project is to create an innovative lyophilized transport medium that will meet the conditions necessary to maintain the quality of the sample and maximize the yield of viral nucleic acid for laboratory processing. The new method of preparation of transport media will reach a modern biotechnological level and at the same time the expiration of the final product itself will be extended.

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