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Fagocare Airless.png

Gel for daily skin care with signs of acne

with bacteriophages



FAGOCARE® is a modern, inovative cosmetic product with designed for skin care with signs of acne.  It contains bacteriophages effective against Staphylococcus aureus and Cutibacterium acnes, two bacterial species that are often related with acne.

Its balanced composition allows regular daily use and keeps the skin fresh and resistant.

You could buy the FAGOCARE® at our partners e-shop here.

FAGOCARE® is dermatologically tested. 



Recombinant endonuclease from Serratia marcescens

Nuclease FF is an advanced endonuclease sourced from Serratia marcescens, a microorganism renowned for its robust characteristics. This enzymatic product has no sequence specificity and excels in its ability to digest all forms of nucleic acids. It is subjected to a rigorous purification process, ensuring consistent performance and reliability for all intended endeavours.

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