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Monitoring of bacteriophage therapy using nuclear medicine imaging

Identification code: FW08010029

Project solution period: 2023-2025

Tento projekt je realizován s pomocí pod

The project is implemented with the help of TAČR as part of the 8th public competition in the 5G subprogram

The main goal of the project is to develop a universal method for labeling and displaying bacteriophages in vivo for the purpose of monitoring their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics during application in preclinical and possibly clinical studies. This methodology could then be used in general in every study. At the same time, a method will be developed for in vivo imaging of bacterial deposits, where the location and degree of bacterial infection will be visualized using specific radiopharmaceuticals. After the application of bacteriophages, the dynamics of the loss of bacteria will be observable in real time based on the decrease in the intensity of the displayed signal. The collection and storage of data during this process are technically demanding. The data is very voluminous, demanding to transfer, and therefore its transfer is routinely feasible using 5G networks.

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