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the future of antibacterial care

FAGOFARMA was founded in 2013. In 2023 we gained GMP certification by State Institute for Drug Control for manufacturing drug substances and products with bacteriophages.


The main subject of our activity is the development and research of biotechnological preparations based on bacteriophages.


Our goal is to use this promising segment of modern microbiology and transfer it to clinical practice.


The use of bacteriophages is one of the ways to address the burning issue of the dramatic increase in antibiotic resistance and the management of bacterial infections.

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FAGOFARMA's outputs can be used in the research of bacterial resistances in general, as well as in the study and use of plasmids, in alternative biotechnologies and in the construction of antibacterial drugs.


The company's products can potentially also be used in clinical diagnostics.

Research and development activities of FAGOFARMA can be characterized as the preparation of immunobiological phage preparations, realized in three basic directions:


  • phage isolation and specification

  • use of phages to prepare final antibacterial products

  • preparation of phage lysates and special preparations


n 2023, FAGOFARMA obtained certification from the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL) for the production of bacteriophages as active pharmaceutical ingredients and evaluated medicinal products. This certification confirms that the company meets strict standards and requirements for good manufacturing practice in the field of medicinal products. 

The good manufacturing practice system is a key element ensuring that the medicinal products manufactured by FAGOFARMA are safe, effective, and comply with relevant regulatory requirements. This increases the trust of patients and healthcare professionals in the products of this company and enhances public health protection.

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FAGOFARMA operates as a contract organization, providing contract research and manufacturing services in the field of microbiology, biotechnology and pharmacy.


Our clients and partners are also other research organizations (both public and private) in the field of immunobiology.


The company is in professional contact with the academic workplaces of universities.

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